Level -3

9. San Borondón

PS1 - TOPIC A. Plasma-Facing High Heat Flux Components

PS1-1ABSTRACT-781eThe thermohydraulic parameters of copper foam based cooling channel.Vojtěch Smolík
PS1-2ABSTRACT-122fExperimental Study of Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of Multi-Elbow Cooling System under One-sided Heating with Long Area for Fusion Divertor CoolingShuta Nakano
PS1-3ABSTRACT-1e2dNumerical simulation of the erosion process in W lattice armor for sacrificial limiters under high heat fluxPietro Vinoni
PS1-4ABSTRACT-22b5Design and fabrication of preliminary mock-ups for the Outboard First Wall of the DTT facilityGabriele De Sano
PS1-5ABSTRACT-2b06Multi-physics lumped modeling of micro-channels cooling structure for W7X divertor unit target moduleFrancesco Carrone
PS1-6ABSTRACT-d38cCapillary porous structure based divertor transient heat event mitigation capabilities modellingJan Cecrdle
PS1-7ABSTRACT-df22Experimental evaluation of capillary effects relevant to the design of semi-static liquid lithium plasma-facing componentsMartin Nieto-Perez
PS1-8ABSTRACT-7545Conceptual design of a 3D printed liquid lithium divertor target for DEMOXinyuan Qian
PS1-9ABSTRACT-6a2cComparative study of ITER conform tungsten grades exposed to high heat flux and neutron irradiation damageDmitry Terentyev
PS1-10ABSTRACT-0795Molecular dynamics study on the slip properties of liquid lithium flow on iron surfacesHuai Yuan Qu
PS1-12ABSTRACT-08eeCompletion of the first lower divertor cassette of JT-60SATakao Hayashi
PS1-14ABSTRACT-0c22Full-field kinematic and thermal characterisation of a DEMO divertor mono-block under high heat flux loadingAdel Tayeb
PS1-16ABSTRACT-14d5Structural Analysis of the DEMO Upper Limiter preliminary designFabio Viganò
PS1-17ABSTRACT-1808A Study on Stress Mitigation of Process Pipes in TBM-setSeong Dae Park
PS1-18ABSTRACT-1a5eA multiscale tool for Plasma Facing Materials aging simulationsGiorgio Lo Presti
PS1-20ABSTRACT-f5ddDevelopment of the Liquid Metal Shield Plasma-Surface-Interaction (LiMeS-PSI) linear plasma device.Victor Tanke
PS1-21ABSTRACT-f739Overview of the DTT Assembly PlanMarco Utili
PS1-22ABSTRACT-1f1cApplication of Tungsten Recrystallisation in Plasma Facing Components DesignSongke Wang

PS1 - TOPIC B. Blanket Technology

PS1-23ABSTRACT-0ff3Development of repair technology for functional ceramic coating by recoatingTetsuma Ito
PS1-24ABSTRACT-9b26Kinetics of helium bubble formation in liquid lead-lithium eutectic: an atomistic-simulation studyAbdulrahman Al Awad
PS1-25ABSTRACT-4916RELAP5/Mod3.3 MHD module Development and Validation: WCLL-TBM mock-up modelLorenzo Melchiorri
PS1-26ABSTRACT-da35Silicon Carbide Neutron Detectors for Tritium Production Assessment in Breeding BlanketsMatteo Hakeem Kushoro
PS1-27ABSTRACT-7245Design of the mock-up of breeding blanket aiming for tritium measurementTianyi Liu
PS1-28ABSTRACT-7981Deuterium permeation and lithium-lead corrosion behaviors of ceramic-iron joint coating Hnin Lai Lai Wai
PS1-29ABSTRACT-7dd93D MHD analysis on the COOL blanket for BESTXuan Zheng
PS1-30ABSTRACT-833aResearch on improving the system sensitivity for Hot Helium Leak TestZhen Leng
PS1-31ABSTRACT-88adSystem code simulation of DEMO WCLL Central Outboard Blanket equatorial cell operational transientsMarcello Principato
PS1-32ABSTRACT-000eDedicated Thermal, Thermal-hydraulic and Thermal-mechanical Analyses in support of DEMO WCLL BB designBrahim Chelihi
PS1-33ABSTRACT-c630Numerical simulation of buoyant flow in a vertical channel for plasma facing componentShin-Ichi Satake
PS1-34ABSTRACT-92f5Modelling transport of dust particles in the Helium-Cooled Pebble Bed breeding blanket conceptDario Passafiume
PS1-35ABSTRACT-0b31Experimental investigation of MHD flows in a WCLL TBM mock-upCyril Courtessole
PS1-36ABSTRACT-1690Progress on the Neutronics Design and Analysis for CN HCCB TBS in PD phaseQixiang Cao
PS1-37ABSTRACT-1a82Key Technologies of Manufacturing and Testing for The ITER Blanket Shield BlockSa-Woong Kim
PS1-38ABSTRACT-21b4Instrumentation integration in the European Test Blanket ModulesLuis Maqueda
PS1-39ABSTRACT-2834Multiphysics Modeling and Creep Analysis of the DCLL Blanket of the Fusion Nuclear Science FacilitySunday Aduloju
PS1-41ABSTRACT-2fb5Experimental measurement of hydrogen and deuterium solubility in LiPb using absorption and desorption techniquesCiro Alberghi
PS1-42ABSTRACT-37c0Experimental determination of the solubility of hydrogen in a quality certified eutectic PbLi alloyIgor Peñalva
PS1-43ABSTRACT-3abcHydrogen Extraction from a Helium Purge Gas. Comparison of ZrCo/ZAO Getter MaterialNicolas Bekris
PS1-44ABSTRACT-5a6cThermal-hydraulic assessment of the inlets and outlets of the Steam Generator mock-up for the EU DEMO WCLLDanilo Caterino
PS1-45ABSTRACT-4146Mechanical testing of ceramic materials in liquid Pb-16Li at elevated temperaturesRoman Petráš
PS1-45BABSTRACT-d837Major improvements in the WCLL TBM design towards next review gatesFernando Rueda

PS1 - TOPIC C. Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing

PS1-46ABSTRACT-a9adExperimental investigation of tritium release behavior from neutron irradiated LiAlO2 with Zr for tritium production in high-temperature gas-cooled reactorHiroki Isogawa
PS1-47ABSTRACT-3656Simulation and concept design of continuous mercury-driven vacuum pumps for EU-DEMOTim Teichmann
PS1-48ABSTRACT-6d6fHydrogen retention investigation in ITER monoblock using Lattice Boltzmann methodJiewei Wu
PS1-49ABSTRACT-c1bcTritium-compatible monitoring of ozone production and depletion rates for the decontamination of tritiated surfacesDominic Batzler
PS1-50ABSTRACT-dca1Effects of Impurity Gases on Hydrogen Permeation in Pd-Ag PipeKentaro Masuta
PS1-51ABSTRACT-088aDevelopment of the design of a stackable Permeator-Against-Vacuum mock-Up for tritium extraction from liquid PbLi at low speedAndres Gomez
PS1-52ABSTRACT-129dInvestigations on Hydrogen Isotopes Separation Factor Employing Palladium-based Solid Metallic MembranesGheorghe Bulubasa
PS1-53ABSTRACT-1992Liquid metal coolant purification assessmentSureda Croguennoc
PS1-54ABSTRACT-1b7fAspects concerning the maunufacture of improved contact element for water detritiation systemGheorghe Ionita
PS1-55ABSTRACT-dc5eThe Tritium Exposure and Decontamination (TED) Experiment at the Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe (TLK)Florian Priester
PS1-56ABSTRACT-22b4The study of AMSB design using adsorption models for coolant purification system of breeding blanketSeok-Kwon Son
PS1-57ABSTRACT-26852D Tritium retention prediction in the ITER/DEMO actively cooled divertor in the presence of neutron-induced defectsEtienne Hodille
PS1-58ABSTRACT-27e9Shape changes of beta-ray induced X-ray spectrum by tritium in aluminum and iron with tritium depthMasanori Hara
PS1-59ABSTRACT-2d71Tritium accountancy and measurement technology in CN HCCB TBSYongtao An
PS1-60ABSTRACT-3058Advanced Modular System for tritium separation by CECE type processMarius Zamfirache

PS1 - TOPIC D. Material Engineering for FNT

PS1-62ABSTRACT-bba6New processing routes for Zr-based ODS ferritic steelsMoises Oñoro
PS1-63ABSTRACT-50e6Sputtering fabrication and characterization of SiC coatings for breeder blanket applicationsGuillermo De La Cuerda Velázquez
PS1-64ABSTRACT-a37eRelating the formation energies for oxygen vacancies defects to the structural properties of tungsten oxidesRyan Kerr
PS1-65ABSTRACT-392fScoping the production of 6Li for ITER and DEMO BB procurementsMarc Guasch
PS1-66ABSTRACT-0965Effects of magnetic field and water radiolysis on corrosion properties of RAFM, F82HMotoki Nakajima
PS1-67ABSTRACT-1218Investigation of hydrodynamic characteristics of Li jet flowing along concave flow channel using LES for A-FNSEiji Hoashi
PS1-69ABSTRACT-247eFusion magnet quench risk increase with radiation damageJacob John
PS1-70ABSTRACT-2a2fCreep Rupture Behavior of TIG Weldment of CLAM SteelJunyu Zhang
PS1-71ABSTRACT-be68Thermo-Hydraulic Analyses of the Heat Transfer in the Rib-Roughened Air Cooling ChannelSergej Gordeev
PS1-72ABSTRACT-34bdGalvanic process for infiltration of W fibre-reinforced heat sinksPatrick Junghanns

PS1 - TOPIC E. Vacuum Vessel and Ex-vessel Systems

PS1-73ABSTRACT-091bStructural and thermal fluid dynamic analyses of the ITER Pressure Suppression System considering no stable steam condensation regimesLuca Berti
PS1-74ABSTRACT-1e8dElectromagnetic analysis of the Optical Hinge and Optical Relay Unit of the Wide Angle Viewing System diagnostic for ITERAlejandro Fernandez Navarro
PS1-75ABSTRACT-d07cDynamic behaviour of the DTT torus complex during seismic eventsMarco Fulici
PS1-76ABSTRACT-660cCharacterization of a NEG cartridge under high pressure conditionsDamiano Paoletti
PS1-77ABSTRACT-8c65Development of Penning ion gauge for fast neutral pressure measurement in VESTJeong Wonik
PS1-78ABSTRACT-0174Analysis of the water flow distribution in the Vacuum Vessel of the Divertor Tokamak Test facilityRoberto Bonifetto
PS1-80ABSTRACT-2d2bCarMa0NL modelling of disruption forces on COMPASSVadim Yanovskiy
PS1-81ABSTRACT-330aThe FALCON facility for high-power testing of Electron Cyclotron componentsMario Cavinato
PS1-82ABSTRACT-135eMaintenance study on WCLL-TBS Ancillary systems in Process RoomUgo Bonavolontà
PS1-83ABSTRACT-1745Development of a scintillator based fast-ion loss detector for the Wendelstein 7-X stellaratorAnton Jansen Van Vuuren
PS1-84ABSTRACT-17f1Design and Integration of the European Diagnostic Ports of ITERIñigo Eletxigerra
PS1-84bABSTRACT-fbc1Thermal-hydraulic and mechanical analysis of the Beam Line Components for the DTT Neutral Beam InjectorRoberto Zanino

PS1 - TOPIC F. Nuclear System Design

PS1-85ABSTRACT-0693Development of transport-activation internal coupling code based on cosRMC and application to fusion reactors analysisShengzhe Wang
PS1-87ABSTRACT-51ddOperating Conditions of DEMO Divertor Considering Structural Safety and Thermal EfficiencyYohan Lee
PS1-88ABSTRACT-fc7aConceptual design and supporting analysis of a Double-Wall Heat Exchanger for the ARC fusion reactor primary cooling systemFrancesco Colliva
PS1-89ABSTRACT-049dOverview and Origin of the STEP Design PointStuart Muldrew
PS1-90ABSTRACT-0682Design and development of the fiber Bragg grating sensors for MITICA beamlineCarlo Poggi
PS1-91ABSTRACT-0752Applicability of the ITER-like EC HVPS design to the DEMO ECSDamien Fasel
PS1-92ABSTRACT-0be1Conceptual Design Study of a Large Bore Superconducting Test Facility Magnet, SUCCEXHyun Wook Kim
PS1-93ABSTRACT-0cffNew Neutron Scanner for Container Inspection based on Nuclear FusionJose Maria Benlloch Baviera
PS1-94ABSTRACT-0d5bNeutron Source Modelling for Commissioning Hydrogen Plasmas in TokamaksAndrej Žohar
PS1-96ABSTRACT-12b3Study on the Shutdown Dose Rate Calculation Method based on Nuclide ActivationZhengyun Dong
PS1-97ABSTRACT-7a68The ITER Radial Neutron Camera ex-port system: nuclear analyses in support of its design developmentFabio Moro

PS1 - TOPIC G. Safety Issues and Waste Management

PS1-101ABSTRACT-14cbDevelopment of radiation sources based on CAD models for nuclear analysis of IFMIF-DONES lithium loopJuan García Bueno
PS1-102ABSTRACT-38f3Tritium Behavior in Soil and Mineral Rock Components used for Plant CultivationMichael Portuphy
PS1-103ABSTRACT-5540Application of a Multiphysics simulation tool to an in-box LOCA in the breeding unit of the WCLL-BB of LIFUS5/Mod4Vittorio Cossu
PS1-104ABSTRACT-07b4Fast Shutter optioneering study for the ITER Disruption Mitigation SystemAndrás Zsákai
PS1-105ABSTRACT-7ddfITER DMS Fast Shutter development and laboratory testingDaniel Imre Refy
PS1-106ABSTRACT-17b6Investigation of a LaBr(Ce)-based Spectrometer at the KSTAR Tokamak with mixed neutron-gamma radiation fieldsYoungseok Lee
PS1-107ABSTRACT-1fd7Establishing a Dependable Coolant Purification System Design for Fusion Reactors: Achieving Objectives through RAVAD TestingChangwook Shin
PS1-109ABSTRACT-3748DEMO Toroidal Field Coil Fast Discharge Unit Integration StudiesThomas Franke
PS1-110ABSTRACT-4386Shielding optimization to reduce the radiation field in the accelerator systems of IFMIF-DONESAntonio Jesus Lopez Revelles
PS1-111ABSTRACT-da07New electrode supports in Neutral Beam Injection for HV breakdown incidence reduction riskVincenzo Variale
PS1-111bABSTRACT-91d9Comprehensive study of ITER Hot Cell radiation conditions for design optimisation within ALARA approachPablo Martínez Albertos
PS1-111cABSTRACT-e7e5Radwaste analysis and package optimization with the radwaste calculator and application to the ITER 1D benchmark and the IVVS ITER systemÁlvaro Cubi

PS1 - TOPIC H. Models and Experiments for FNT

PS1-112ABSTRACT-2373Construction of GVR Weight Windows Mapas from Very Low Density Transport SimulationsGonzalo Farga-Niñoles
PS1-113ABSTRACT-32aeA Reduced-Order Model to Estimate First Wall Particle and Heat Fluxes for Systems CodesTiago Pomella Lobo
PS1-117ABSTRACT-0dd9Neutron Emission characterisation of IPR 14 MeV neutron generatorMitul Abhangi
PS1-119ABSTRACT-19f1Experimental validation of the fluid solver for SPIDER (FSFS2D)Roman Zagorski
PS1-120ABSTRACT-1ae4Results from the Prototype Testing Phase of the CHIMERA Heating SystemPetros Efthymiou
PS1-121ABSTRACT-8b16Beam emission spectroscopy modeling on the ITER diagnostic beamPéter Balázs
PS1-123ABSTRACT-21c1Digital image correlation for modal analysis of mock-up blanket componentsAlex Marsh
PS1-124ABSTRACT-2575Electromagnetic modelling of the central column for the STEP programmeJiabin Yang
PS1-125ABSTRACT-2584Assessment of the relevancy of ENEA Water Loop facility with respect to ITER WCLL TBS Water Cooling System by considering their thermal-hydraulic performances during selected transient conditionsBruno Gonfiotti

PS1 - TOPIC I. Repair and Maintenance

PS1-126ABSTRACT-088cBreeding Blanket Segment Handling: Kinematics and DynamicsHjalte Durocher
PS1-127ABSTRACT-ebebConceptual design of DEMO Breeding Blanket In-Vessel Toroidal TransporterVincenzo Claps
PS1-128ABSTRACT-068fInduction brazing of DEMO’s large bore cooling pipesJeno Kadi
PS1-129ABSTRACT-0ba9Applicability Study of Mechanical Multi-Pipe Connections for DEMO Breeding Blanket Maintenance conceptAzman Azka
PS1-130ABSTRACT-0c65Fabrication and Load Test of ITER Assembly Tools for Lifting Heavy ComponentsJinho Bae
PS1-131ABSTRACT-1191Architecture for human-in-the-loop control of robotic equipment for remote maintenance: case study on the NEFERTARI projectAlessandro Sofia
PS1-132ABSTRACT-1309Overview of in-bore pipe cutting and welding tools for the maintenance of CFETR and EU-DEMODonato Sorgente
PS1-133ABSTRACT-1b98Design and development of a Digital Maintenance Manual for RH operations in fusion reactorsGiuseppe Di Gironimo
PS1-134bABSTRACT-b9f3Replacement strategy of the EU-DEMO and CFETR breeding blanket pipesRocco Mozzillo

PS1 - TOPIC J. Burning Plasma Control and Operation

PS1-135ABSTRACT-3fa0On the accuracy of the fast time resolution inversion method for the detection of different radiation patterns in fusion reactorsIvan Wyss
PS1-136ABSTRACT-d419Study on burning start-up scenario in DEMO with consideration of fuel isotope effect and helium ash transportKento Miyamae
PS1-137ABSTRACT-0aa7Proposal of a control scheme for testing a centrifuge-based pellet injection system in DIPAK-PETBernhard Ploeckl
PS1-138ABSTRACT-0ecfDevelopment of a one-step ion optics for beam emission spectroscopy and atomic beam probe measurementsGábor Anda
PS1-139ABSTRACT-1031Assembly Procedure and Tooling Development for In-Situ Winding of ITER In-Vessel Vertical Stability CoilsKyoungo Nam
PS1-139bABSTRACT-ecdbDesign and Performance analysis of a High Field Side antenna for Plasma Position Reflectometry control on DTTJorge Santos

PS1 - TOPIC K. Inertial Confinement Fusion Studies and Technologies

PS1-140ABSTRACT-1effTheoretical methods for stopping power of plasmas in magnetic fieldsManuel D Barriga-Carrasco
PS1-141ABSTRACT-421cDevelopment of a Novel IEC Neutron Research FacilityTom Wallace-Smith
PS1-142ABSTRACT-489bSpatially resolved hot implosion core conditions via Kr K-shell X-ray spectroscopyEnac Gallardo-Diaz
PS1-143ABSTRACT-5543Relativistic effects on the stopping power of high atomic number plasmasJavier Chacón Gijón
PS1-144ABSTRACT-00a7Effects of impurities in DT plasmas on burning gains and self-heating and ignition curves in ion fast ignition scheme.Pablo Rodríguez Beltrán

PS2 - TOPIC A. Plasma-Facing High Heat Flux Components

PS2-1ABSTRACT-1204Thermal-hydraulic study of the Primary Heat Transport System of the EU-DEMO Divertor Plasma Facing ComponentsSilvia Vacca
PS2-2ABSTRACT-c83eBeryllium limiters from JET tokamak with the ITER-like wall: Surface modification and fuel retentionLaura Dittrich
PS2-3ABSTRACT-607aExperimental Evaluation of Thermal-Fluids Performance of Helium-Cooled Flat Plate DivertorDaniel Lee
PS2-4ABSTRACT-d517Design Progress of DTT Divertor Fixation SystemNicola Massanova
PS2-5ABSTRACT-6ab4Effect of neutron irradiation on the W/CuCrZr joint strengthKateryna Poleshchuk
PS2-7ABSTRACT-f5c0Engineering tool to optimize for leading edges in a full-tungsten divertor for W7-XAntara Menzel-Barbara
PS2-8ABSTRACT-fba8Brittle Fracture Assessment for Tungsten and Tungsten alloy componentsMathias Jetter
PS2-11ABSTRACT-243dManufacturing and high heat flux testing of zirconium carbide tungsten monoblock for CFETRLe Han
PS2-12ABSTRACT-24b3Modelling of NBI shine-through in ITER PFPO phase to limit heat fluxes on first wallPietro Vincenzi
PS2-13ABSTRACT-26e7Coupled Model for Liquid Lithium Plasma Facing ComponentsAndrei Khodak
PS2-14ABSTRACT-29c7Thermal and structural analyses of an additive manufactured panel mock-up for Wendelstein7-XZhongwei Wang
PS2-15ABSTRACT-3164Screening of the metal foil from energetic neutralsYuri Igitkhanov
PS2-16ABSTRACT-3327Development of non-destructive X-ray based techniques for evaluation of Tungsten-metal joints qualityIon Tiseanu
PS2-17ABSTRACT-380cIntegrity assessment of armour materials for innovative high heat flux components for fusion reactor by the ultrasonic methodEmanuele Cacciotti
PS2-18ABSTRACT-41fbOptimization in cooling design of poloidal horseshoe limiter concept for JA DEMOWeixi Chen
PS2-20ABSTRACT-4601Overview of Japan-US Collaboration FRONTEIR Project —Fusion Research Oriented to Neutron Irradiation Effects and Tritium Behavior at Material Interfaces—Yuji Hatano
PS2-21ABSTRACT-491aResearch on a renewable extruded plasma-facing divertor material for magnetic fusion energy reactorsEric Hollmann
PS2-22ABSTRACT-4979Hypothetical porous medium concept as a virtual swirl tape: A novel modelling technique towards efficient CFD simulation of swirl tape cooling pipeAndrea Quartararo

PS2 - TOPIC B. Blanket Technology

PS2-23ABSTRACT-8b63Equilibrium distribution of lithium isotope between liquid metal and chloride molten salt containing CsClRyo Ito
PS2-24ABSTRACT-8ddaQuest for magneto-convective unstable flow regime in horizontal MHD duct flowsSrikanta Sahu
PS2-25ABSTRACT-4472Tritium Breeding Ratio Optimization in Simple Multi-Layer Blanket with Genetic AlgorithmSoobin Lim
PS2-26ABSTRACT-9c69Neutronic Studies for the Dual Coolant Lithium Lead Breeding Blanket HELIAS designDavid Sosa Sánchez
PS2-27ABSTRACT-5f0aFabrication and characterization of enamel coating as a promising hydrogen and oxygen diffusion barrierYuka Shimizu
PS2-28ABSTRACT-f33dBuoyancy-assisted thermal convection and tritium diffusion in an upward magnetohydrodynamic duct flowNian-Mei Zhang
PS2-29ABSTRACT-fe8fNumerical study of MHD mixed convection flow in the the EU DEMO WCLL breeding blanketLong Chen
PS2-30ABSTRACT-41efMagneto-hydraulic and MHD mixed convection flow in a rectangular channel filled with streamwise obstaclesAlessandro Tassone
PS2-31ABSTRACT-45c0Analysis and modelling of gas-liquid contactors for tritium extraction from eutectic PbLiEduardo Garciadiego-Ortega
PS2-32ABSTRACT-490cHelical-shaped Double Wall Tubes solution for the Breeding Zone cooling in the WCLL Breeding BlanketPietro Maccari
PS2-33ABSTRACT-e23eImplications of Reduced Geometric Modeling on MHD Predictions in a Liquid Metal Breeding Blanket ConceptAlice Ying
PS2-34ABSTRACT-507cGas-Liquid Contactor experimental campaign in TRIEX-II facilityFrancesca Papa
PS2-35ABSTRACT-5489Investigation and Qualification on First Wall Fabrication Technologies of Fusion Reactor Blanket in ChinaBo Huang
PS2-36ABSTRACT-3d8fExperimental investigation of the corrosion behavior of Eurofer97 steel in contact with Lithium ceramic breeder pebbles under specific Helium Cooled Pebble Bed breeding zone atmosphereRegina Krüssmann
PS2-37ABSTRACT-5ba8Evaluation of the impact of plasma operation scenarios on the fusion reactor blanket design using an integrated numerical plasma and neutronics analysis suiteRin Choi
PS2-38ABSTRACT-6076Functional tests for water cooled ceramic breeder blanket system using full-scale mockupsTakanori Hirose
PS2-39ABSTRACT-6217Characterization of aged Li4SiO4 pebbles performanceRosa Lo Frano
PS2-40ABSTRACT-623cA multi-region MHD OpenFOAM solver for fusion reactor analysisSimone Siriano
PS2-41ABSTRACT-64caTritium release from titanium beryllide after high-dose neutron irradiationVladimir Chakin
PS2-42ABSTRACT-684eOptimization of the first wall of WCCB for the CFETRLi Yuanjie
PS2-43ABSTRACT-f826Lumped Parameter Porous Flow Modeling of Solid Tritium Breeding Blanket MaterialsMonica Gehrig
PS2-44ABSTRACT-6af3Characteristics of Pb-16Li droplets generated by a perforated plateLadislav Vala
PS2-45ABSTRACT-6c08Thermofluid-Dynamic and Thermal-Structural Assessment of the EU-DEMO WCLL “Double Bundle” Breeding Blanket Concept Left Outboard segmentPietro Alessandro Di Maio
PS2-46ABSTRACT-6c4eAdaptation of the first wall cooling circuits to achieve an efficient distribution of the coolant flow in the SMS DCLL breeding blanketJose Ángel Nogueron Valiente

PS2 - TOPIC C. Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing

PS2-47ABSTRACT-078eTritium Management in ITER Test Blanket Systems Port Cell for Maintenance OperationsYingwu Jiang
PS2-49ABSTRACT-d88dIncreasing the accuracy of the Viscosity Measurement Apparatus (ViMA) for measuring the viscosity of tritium between 77K and 300KJohanna Wydra
PS2-50ABSTRACT-758eProcess Design of Hydrogen Isotope Separation using Temperature Swing Absorption in the EU-DEMO Fuel CycleAnnika Uihlein
PS2-52ABSTRACT-36e3Plasma Exhaust Processing System with Tritium Compatible Reciprocating PumpYoshifumi Kume
PS2-53ABSTRACT-3b4cA magnetic compression platform for compact torus injector (central fuelling system for EAST tokamak)Mingsheng Tan
PS2-54ABSTRACT-4884Experimental results to evaluate the use of cryopumps to separate helium from hydrogen isotopes in a tokamak exhaust streamSophie Davies
PS2-55ABSTRACT-4a21Analysis of super-permeable membrane surfaces for tritium separation applicationsRobert Kolasinski
PS2-56ABSTRACT-50ccHighly efficient and direct recovery of low-pressure hydrogen isotopes from tritium extraction gas by Pd-Y alloy membrane permeatorXingwen Feng
PS2-57ABSTRACT-5117Preliminary evaluation of NEG materials in view of CMSB replacement in HCPB TER architectureAlina Elena Niculescu
PS2-58ABSTRACT-5577Development of lab-scale Atmospheric Molecular Sieve Bed and generation of experimental break through curves for adsorption studiesDeepak Yadav
PS2-60ABSTRACT-58d1The influence of the extraction of gas/liquid samples on the isotopic separation regime of the CECE (Combined Electrolysis Catalytic Exchange) processAnisia Mihaela Bornea
PS2-61ABSTRACT-5a68Influence of chemical form of tritium extracted from solid breeder on tritium balance in fuel cycle system of fusion reactorsKazunari Katayama

PS2 - TOPIC D. Material Engineering for FNT

PS2-62ABSTRACT-a9a0An effectiveness of deuterium electrochemical charging method for a desorption study in low-alloy steel and pure ZrZuoming Wang
PS2-64ABSTRACT-183cQuantification of the uncertainties in the determination of the final dose of the HFTM samples in IFMIF-DONESIrene Alvarez-Castro
PS2-65ABSTRACT-c0b9Tritium permeation through Inconel 600 under high temperature, high pressure water environment: Influence of oxidation of coexisting materialsAzusa Matsumoto
PS2-66ABSTRACT-d586Predicting the ductile-to-brittle transition (DBT) in BCC fusion materialsFlorence Goodrich
PS2-67ABSTRACT-377fEffect of Hydrogen on stress corrosion cracking behavior of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel Compared with RAFMsRongrong Luo
PS2-68ABSTRACT-05adHigh-throughput evaluation of primary radiation damage on combinatorial thick filmsGreg Wallace
PS2-70ABSTRACT-44fcscCVD diamond based µ-loss monitors for neutron detection at low temperatureDonny Cosic
PS2-71ABSTRACT-4502Deuterium permeation of low-activation vanadium alloys possible for reuse in a short time in fusion reactorsYuji Yamauchi
PS2-72ABSTRACT-5bc3Research Progress of High Strength Jacket Based on Super-Austenitic Stainless Steel for Future Fusion MagnetsWeijun Wang
PS2-73ABSTRACT-6cecIntegration and commissioning of the water-cooling system for the beam dump of the linear IFMIF prototype accelerator (LIPAc)Kohki Kumagai

PS2 - TOPIC E. Vacuum Vessel and Ex-vessel Systems

PS2-74ABSTRACT-979cCorrosion Phenomena and Deposits in ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility Primary Cooling CircuitsCaterina Cavallini
PS2-75ABSTRACT-9ceeIterative design and structural assessment of the DTT divertor interface to Vacuum VesselAndrea Zoppoli
PS2-76ABSTRACT-324bPreliminary Analysis of Phase Transition Characteristics in case of in-vessel LOCA for CFETR Divertor Primary Heat Transfer SystemJinxuan Zhou
PS2-77ABSTRACT-ed11Mechanical Design of ITER Radial Neutron Camera Ex-Port systemEnrico Occhiuto
PS2-78ABSTRACT-25c7Conceptual design studies and preliminary analysis of the STEP Vacuum VesselNisarg Patel
PS2-79ABSTRACT-0467Thermal-hydraulic analysis of the CORC® conductor for the DEMO CS coilAleksandra Dembkowska
PS2-80ABSTRACT-2ae3Thermal analysis between the high-temperature nitrogen and in-vessel components in the EAST baking processZhe Liu
PS2-81ABSTRACT-0803Design of a Position Monitoring System for the ITER Radial Neutron CameraSilvia Cesaroni
PS2-82ABSTRACT-08faAnalysis and optimization of the secondary circuit for the option WCLL BB Direct Coupling with small ESS of the EU DEMO power plantMonika Lewandowska
PS2-83ABSTRACT-3da8Investigation on the pressure drop characteristics of ITER thermal shield cooling pipesKwanwoo Nam
PS2-84ABSTRACT-49bbDesign and Performance Research of Baking for HL-2M Vacuum VesselHong Ran

PS2 - TOPIC F. Nuclear System Design

PS2-89ABSTRACT-7231Overview on the conceptual design of TRUST: the new nuclear fusion experiment of University of TusciaSimone Carusotti
PS2-90ABSTRACT-1c2fDevelopment Progress of Advanced Neutronics Software TopMCJing Song
PS2-91ABSTRACT-1fceDesign and integration of Tokamak Coolant Systems based on water technology in the EU-DEMOIvo Moscato
PS2-93ABSTRACT-2560Development of a Cherenkov probe with high time resolution for runaway electron measurements in the HL-2M TokamakYuxuan Zhu
PS2-94ABSTRACT-cc48Nuclear analyses for the ITER Equatorial Port #8Andrea Colangeli
PS2-95ABSTRACT-433dDevelopment and Test of In-vessel Coil System for Magnetic Compression of Field Reversed Configuration PlasmasQinglong Zhang
PS2-96ABSTRACT-4966A Two-Step Neutron Energy Regulation Method based on Multi-Dimensional Response MatrixBin Wu
PS2-97ABSTRACT-5089Integration of the Beam Dynamics and Neutronics simulation tools for the IFMIF-DONES accelerator designMarta Ternero Gutiérrez
PS2-98ABSTRACT-5105Balance of Plant conceptual design of EU DEMO integrating different Breeding Blanket conceptsMatteo Zaupa
PS2-99ABSTRACT-6d3bAnalysis on fluid-induced acoustic resonance coupling in series T-structure fusion deviceLidong Yao

PS2 - TOPIC G. Safety Issues and Waste Management

PS2-101ABSTRACT-aa67Requirements analysis for fusion reactor safety analysis software development based on existing one for fission reactorYifei Wang
PS2-102ABSTRACT-c750Electronic effects of aryl groups in modified polysilane liquid scintillator on its fluorescence propertiesWenjing Pu
PS2-103ABSTRACT-dc97Neural network-based source biasing to speed-up challenging MCNP simulationsElena Martínez Fernández
PS2-105ABSTRACT-51a6Qualitative safety analysis for the Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT)Tonio Pinna
PS2-106ABSTRACT-5412Mechanical design of a Fast Shutter for the Disruption Mitigation SystemRichard Csiszar
PS2-107ABSTRACT-545aOverview of detritiation processes applicable to tritiated soft housekeeping wasteKarine Liger
PS2-109ABSTRACT-56aaLIFUS5/Mod3 Series-E Experiment Test 6.1 for SIMMER-III code validationSatya Prakash Saraswat
PS2-110ABSTRACT-5888Eddy current actuated fast valve development for disruption mitigation applicationsDomonkos Nagy
PS2-111ABSTRACT-58c0A Proportionate Approach to Regulation for Fusion Power PlantsBethany Colling

PS2 - TOPIC H. Models and Experiments for FNT

PS2-113ABSTRACT-b35eITER relevant conditions of the closed-water activation loop at the JSI TRIGADomen Kotnik
PS2-114ABSTRACT-4d88Effect of argon additive in Cs-free negative hydrogen ion source TPDsheet-UKaito Miura
PS2-115ABSTRACT-f064Preliminary Electromagnetic Analyses of the Effects of Plasma Disruptions on SPARC Vacuum Vessel for the Construction of a Synthetic VDE DatabaseMattia Scarpari
PS2-116ABSTRACT-fed0Low-power testing of the EU-DEMO Steam Generator mock-upAlessandra Vannoni
PS2-117ABSTRACT-262dValidation of the GETTHEM Tritium Transport and Permeation model Against Experimental DataFabrizio Lisanti
PS2-118ABSTRACT-2696Design of the ENEA Water Loop facility in support of the design of the DEMO Water Cooled Lead Lithium Breeding BlanketPietro Arena
PS2-119ABSTRACT-2940Thermal-hydraulics characterization of the Steam Generator mock-up during operational transients in STEAM facility in support of the design of the DEMO WCLL BoPMarica Eboli
PS2-122ABSTRACT-38bdA Tungsten-wall Sputtering Model for the Plasma Start-up Simulation in TokamaksSangil Lee
PS2-123ABSTRACT-4c11Technology trade-off for remote lithium jet thickness monitoring systemPaloma Matia
PS2-124ABSTRACT-4062Development of liquid metal key technology for advanced nuclear systemYong Song
PS2-125ABSTRACT-47d6Nuclear irradiation rig design for the Irradiation of ITER prototype bolometers in SCK-CEN BR2 reactorJorge Aguilar Villamor
PS2-126ABSTRACT-4a47Combined analysis of laser interferometer and microwave reflectometer for improved density measurement on HL-2A tokamakDong Li

PS2 - TOPIC I. Repair and Maintenance

PS2-127ABSTRACT-c9ceAn obstacle avoidance path planning algorithm to simulate hyper redundant manipulators for tokamaks maintenanceSara Buonocore
PS2-128ABSTRACT-a1cdInteractive simulations for logistics and maintenance of DONESAndrea Benito Fuentes
PS2-129ABSTRACT-2ecfMaterial Flow Planning in Fusion Test FacilitiesTimo Lehmann
PS2-130ABSTRACT-310dRemote Maintenance Study for the DEMONamil Her
PS2-131ABSTRACT-31ddMaintenance and optimization of the TCV power supply systemUgo Siravo
PS2-132ABSTRACT-3635The Electro-hydraulic Mix-drive Robotic Platform Used for General Technology Research of the Remote Handling in Tokamak DevicesChao Huang
PS2-133ABSTRACT-d583Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) Radio Frequency Quadrupole’s (RFQ) RF couplers enhancement towards CW operation at nominal voltageFabio Cismondi
PS2-134ABSTRACT-3af3Research on gas-liquid two-phase counter-current flow limitation Mechanism for Fusion Reactor Airflow Drying BehaviorWeibao Li

PS2 - TOPIC J. Burning Plasma Control and Operation

PS2-136ABSTRACT-20f7Design of a Cherenkov gamma-ray counter for fusion power measurements in ITEROscar Putignano
PS2-137ABSTRACT-57a6Design of the In-Vessel Componens of ITER In-Vessel Neutron Flux Monitor Equipped with Microfission Chambers to Withstand High Thermal LoadMasao Ishikawa
PS2-138ABSTRACT-7583Experimental Environment for Testing the Shattered Pellet Injection of KSTARSoohwan Park

PS2 - TOPIC K. Inertial Confinement Fusion Studies And Technologies

PS2-139ABSTRACT-1bc9Design of High Power Supply Protection System for CRAFT Sensor Test PlatformXu Wu
PS2-140ABSTRACT-7fc9Experimental studies of laser-driven Ions and extreme plasmas InteractionLuca Volpe
PS2-141ABSTRACT-28a5Novel analysis method for BNCT pharmacokinetic evaluation by use of a neutron source based on Inertial electrostatic confinement fusion and particle detectorMahmoud Bakr
PS2-144ABSTRACT-7054Spectroscopic characterization of core conditions in highly magnetized cylindrical implosionsRicardo Florido
PS2-145ABSTRACT-737aInadequacy of magnetohydrodynamics to model shock waves in some Inertial Confinement Fusion settingsAntoine Bret

PS3 - TOPIC A. Plasma-Facing High Heat Flux Components

PS3-2ABSTRACT-4e23Investigation of Erosion/Deposition by Charge-exchange Neutrals in Far-SOL RegionSoo-Hyun Son
PS3-3ABSTRACT-6340Thermal-hydraulic assessment of the EU DEMO Upper LimiterAntonio Froio
PS3-4ABSTRACT-64a5Molecular dynamics modelling of the stress effect on diffusion behavior of hydrogen in tungstenXingang Yu
PS3-6ABSTRACT-048bEngineering strategy for the European DEMO divertor: challenges and approachesJeong-Ha You
PS3-8ABSTRACT-710bExperimental investigation on the MHD effects of liquid metal film flow relating to the plasma-facing componentsJuan-Cheng Yang
PS3-10ABSTRACT-78cdDesign of in-Vessel Mirror of ITER Poloidal PolarimeterRyota Imazawa
PS3-11ABSTRACT-8736Manufacturing of advanced target mock-ups for the DEMO DivertorPierdomenico Lorusso
PS3-12ABSTRACT-8bf5Characteristics of detached/attached plasma formation on ICR heating in a linear divertor plasma simulator TPDsheet-UAkira Tonegawa
PS3-14ABSTRACT-d12eA calorimetric evaluation method for beam targets with IR imaging: implementation for the negative ion source BATMAN UpgradeGuillermo Orozco
PS3-15ABSTRACT-03a1Wrapping the Sun in a Blanket and putting it in a Box - The Design and Manufacture of Plasma Facing ComponentsGarreth Aspinall
PS3-16ABSTRACT-9791Mock-ups fabrication by HRP technology with advanced W-alloy monoblocks for DEMO divertor targetFrancesco Crea
PS3-17ABSTRACT-98cdDevelopment of Divertor Heat Removal Component Using Tungsten-Copper Alloy Bonding with SPS MethodTakanori Murase

PS3 - TOPIC B. Blanket Technology

PS3-19ABSTRACT-7419Preliminary Design and Analysis Activities of the Deuteron Accelerator Target for Tritium Breeding Unit TestSungjin Kwon
PS3-20ABSTRACT-789eTwo-way coupled CFD-DEM investigation on gas and powder flow characteristics of pebble bed of Fusion BlanketJian Wang
PS3-21ABSTRACT-78ecWeldability of F82H for WCCB TBM ApplicationWenhai Guan
PS3-22ABSTRACT-7d51Design and Analysis of the HCCB Breeding Blanket with Casing Structures for DEMO reactorXiaoyong Wang
PS3-23ABSTRACT-7fc5Basic study on Simulating Moving Bed chromatography for separation of lithium isotopesTakahiko Sugiyama
PS3-24ABSTRACT-7feeInfluence Of Various Gases and Water Vapors on The Processes of Tritium Release from Two-Phase Lithium CeramicsInesh Kenzhina
PS3-25ABSTRACT-876cUpdated conceptual design and analysis of breeding blanket modules integrated with divertor for CFETRXuebin Ma
PS3-26ABSTRACT-91bfCharacterization of a Permeator Against Vacuum mock-up with niobium membrane in lithium-lead eutectic at 350°CAlessandro Venturini
PS3-27ABSTRACT-91d7Main nuclear responces of the DEMO tokamak with different in-vessel components configurationsJin Hun Park
PS3-28ABSTRACT-0addNumerical and experimental analysis of magneto-convective flows around pipesChiara Mistrangelo
PS3-29ABSTRACT-9e1bEUROfusion and F4E collaboration for the European Test Blanket ModuleFrancesca Fantini
PS3-30ABSTRACT-9e3fLaser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing of ODS-RAFM steel by prefabricated multi-component nano-oxidesWei Chen
PS3-31ABSTRACT-a755Preliminary thermo-mechanical assessment of the Top Cap region of the Water-Cooled Lead-Ceramic Breeder Breeding Blanket alternative conceptSalvatore Giambrone
PS3-33ABSTRACT-a928Thermal-hydraulic study of the EU-DEMO Water Cooled Lithium Lead Breeding Blanket Primary Heat Transport SystemEugenio Vallone
PS3-34ABSTRACT-e909Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Performance of the Helium-cooled Annular Gap in the Breeder Zone of the EU-DEMO HCPB Breeding BlanketAli Abou-Sena
PS3-35ABSTRACT-ad6cSolubility of Chromium in Lead-Lithium Eutectic AlloyAdéla Gottfriedová
PS3-36ABSTRACT-bc8aElectrochemical extraction of nitrogen impurities in liquid lithium using chloride molten saltShun Aratani
PS3-37ABSTRACT-bd5aEvaluation of the impact of various operation parameters on isotopic exchange process for TER HCPB DEMOMirela Draghia
PS3-38ABSTRACT-c077Design and manufacturing of tritium-carrier process pipes and associated guard-pipe for ITER Test Blanket SystemsRomain Pascal

PS3 - TOPIC C. Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing

PS3-39ABSTRACT-604bSan BorondónTritium Compatible Pump DevelopmentJim Klein
PS3-40ABSTRACT-64d8San BorondónPlanning Tritium Recovery System for Integrated Breeding Test Facility in South KoreaMin Ho Chang
PS3-42ABSTRACT-752aSan BorondónDevelopment of a semiconductor hybrid pulse switch module with high repetitive rate for compact torus injectorYang Ye
PS3-43ABSTRACT-76caSan BorondónUpgrade and test of the compact torus injection system for the EAST central fuellingDefeng Kong
PS3-44ABSTRACT-793fSan BorondónOn the possibility to recover Plasma Enhancement Gases from DEMO tokamak exhaust streamVincenzo Narcisi
PS3-45ABSTRACT-7a71San BorondónEngineering Design of Multiple shattered Pellet Injection System for HL-2MYi Hu
PS3-46ABSTRACT-86c7San BorondónEmpirical model for the time dependence of the radio-induced D-T equilibration in a turbulent flowSimon Niemes
PS3-47ABSTRACT-898cSan BorondónTritium sorption measurement of an elementary tungsten sample by BIXSMarco Roellig
PS3-48ABSTRACT-8bdaSan BorondónTritium Extraction and Accountancy Systems Design for ITER HCCP-TBSRafael Bocanegra
PS3-49ABSTRACT-8d5aSan BorondónOverview of Tritium Management in WCLL Test Blanket System of ITERLuigi Candido
PS3-50ABSTRACT-9cffSan BorondónSuperhydrophilic Metal-Organic Frameworks Film Modified Surface for Tritium Removal from Tritiated Heavy WaterXiaolong Fu

PS3 - TOPIC D. Material Engineering for FNT

PS3-51ABSTRACT-6d3dFracture toughness evaluation by the 3 points bending for pure tungstenJu-Hyeon Yu
PS3-52ABSTRACT-6d59Thermal Cycling of Titanium Beryllide to Simulate its Operating Conditions in DEMO HCPB Breeding BlanketRamil Gaisin
PS3-53ABSTRACT-1925Development of the design of a resistivimeter and an electrochemical sensor for impurities detection on liquid lithium for IFMIF-DONESJulia Romero
PS3-54ABSTRACT-71b4Diffusion bonding of CDS composite with Al2O3 and 316L stainless steel at a Gleeble 3800Teteny Baross
PS3-55ABSTRACT-72b0Properties of CLAM Steel after Irradiation in Fission and Spallation Neutron Environment up to 21dpaJingping Xin
PS3-56ABSTRACT-74b1Development of thick nanostructured tungsten coatings for ionic radiation protectionJavier Barriga
PS3-58ABSTRACT-a0e3A "proof of principle" experiment quantifying helium nucleation and transport parameters in lead-lithium eutectic (CAVITEST)Luis Angel Sedano Miguel
PS3-59ABSTRACT-8d97Corrosion Behavior of CLAM steel in Liquid Lead-Lithium AlloyXinyu Wang
PS3-60ABSTRACT-8e61Investigation of applicability of long-distance LP system for Li target diagnostics in Fusion Neutron SourceTakafumi Okita
PS3-61ABSTRACT-8f74Engineering design status of IFMIF-DONES high energy beam transport line and beam dump system inside the TIR and RIZLlorenç Macià
PS3-63ABSTRACT-99afStrength Evaluation of Oxide Scale on FeCrAl Alloys by Micro Double-Notch Shear TestNaoko Oono-Hori

PS3 - TOPIC E. Vacuum Vessel and Ex-vessel Systems

PS3-64ABSTRACT-5895Electromagnetic Analysis on Conceptual Design of the EU DEMO CE equatorial LaucherIrene Pagani
PS3-65ABSTRACT-6660Preliminary Assessment of Vertical Motions of HL-2M Vacuum Vessel during 1MA OperationYuncong Huang
PS3-66ABSTRACT-c699Electromagnetic Loads on the European DEMO divertorGennaro Di Mambro
PS3-67ABSTRACT-71beProgress and challenges of the ECH transmission line design for DTTAlessandro Moro
PS3-68ABSTRACT-7370Core plasma Thomson scattering diagnostic designMaitane Amarika
PS3-69ABSTRACT-7b4dShutter development study for the ITER Visible Spectroscopy Reference SystemImre Katona
PS3-70ABSTRACT-839eDesign of the hybrid joint using low and high-temperature superconductorsMu-Yong Kim
PS3-72ABSTRACT-9643Overcoming reionization issues in the diagnostic neutral beam for the RFX-mod2 experimentMarco Barbisan
PS3-73ABSTRACT-a070Technology challenges and integration of the plasma position reflectometer in RFX-mod2Gianluca De Masi
PS3-74ABSTRACT-a907EU-DEMO Vacuum Vessel Port Closure Plate fastening developmentsThomas Haertl
PS3-75ABSTRACT-f940ITER Visible Spectroscopy Reference System design development statusAd Verlaan

PS3 - TOPIC F. Nuclear System Design

PS3-77ABSTRACT-eaf9Updates of the Removable Biological Shielding Blocks inside of the Test Cell, part of the Test Systems of IFMIF-DONESDénes Oravecz
PS3-78ABSTRACT-7a61Structural assessment of the contamination protection structure placed on the top of the DEMO bioshield roofLukasz Ciupinski
PS3-79ABSTRACT-169eAn overview of steady-state electrical loads in the DEMO fusion power plantStefano Panella
PS3-80ABSTRACT-8458Approach to Spatial Integration on a Novel & Complex Major Project – STEP Concept TokamakAdam Woods
PS3-81ABSTRACT-8517Thermal-hydraulic analysis and last process design update of the ITER Component Cooling Water System 1Giuseppe Agnello
PS3-83ABSTRACT-97eeNuclear analyses for the integration of ITER Equatorial Port 2Simone Noce
PS3-87ABSTRACT-a049Neutronic Analyses for the IFMIF-DONES Test Cell and Adjacent RoomsArkady Serikov
PS3-89ABSTRACT-a8edNeutronics analysis and workflow for First Light Fusion reactor design.Jonathan Shimwell
PS3-90ABSTRACT-a8fbDesign status of the neutrons and gamma-rays diagnostics for the Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT) facilityDaniele Marocco
PS3-91ABSTRACT-ae98Design of a THz interferometer system for Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced ResearchDongjae Lee
PS3-91bABSTRACT-cbb2Thermal and structural analyses on different mirrors of the Multi Beam Transmission Line of DTT ECRH systemAlessandra Salvitti

PS3 - TOPIC G. Safety Issues and Waste Management

PS3-92ABSTRACT-5dc0Investigation on MELCOR code capabilities for the simulation of Lithium-Lead chemical interactions for fusion safety applicationsFrancesco Galleni
PS3-93ABSTRACT-6bf1Preliminary risk analysis for a CECE-CD system at ICSI Rm. ValceaGheorghe Popescu
PS3-94ABSTRACT-6c4dRadiation Data Analysis Tool (RaDAT)Gianluca Borgese
PS3-95ABSTRACT-131dDevelopment of RELAP5/MOD3.3 for dynamic tritium transport analysis and its application to the COOL blanketWenjia Wang
PS3-96ABSTRACT-81f5Contamination assessments of DEMO WCLL breeding blanket primary heat transport systemNicholas Terranova
PS3-97ABSTRACT-8a0fEx-vessel LOCA analysis for the EU-WCLL TBS using a fusion-adapted MELCOR modelCarmen Niculae
PS3-98ABSTRACT-9dbfNeutron Activation Analysis of CNS-I Corrosion Products in Fusion ReactorJingyu Zhang
PS3-99ABSTRACT-ab2ePreparation of activated carbon from biofibers for capture of tritium containing compoundsLiga Avotina
PS3-100ABSTRACT-ae68Investigation on dust resuspension under in-vessel loss of coolant accident of fusion reactorZhijie Qin
PS3-101ABSTRACT-af83Solid waste products of EU DEMO – focus on tungsten dust reprocessingJaroslav Stoklasa
PS3-102ABSTRACT-2fa7Prospects for Melt Refining of Radioactive Waste from Fusion ReactorsPaul Humrickhouse
PS3-103ABSTRACT-cb76Neutron Irradiation-Induced Shut-Down Dose Rate Estimation In EU DEMO DivertorSimona Breidokaite

PS3 - TOPIC H. Models and Experiments for FNT

PS3-104ABSTRACT-399bComputational scheme for fast production of parametric stellarator models suitable for neutronic analysisJavier Alguacil
PS3-105ABSTRACT-4c72Neutron Yield Semi-Monte Carlo Simulating Method for DT Fusion Neutron SourceJieqiong Jiang
PS3-106ABSTRACT-5345Design of an Energy Transfer Storage System Based on EASTHongyan Wang
PS3-108ABSTRACT-d28eCalculation of Neutralization Efficiency and Beam Transport for the Two Region Arc Plasma Negative Ion SourceTae-Seong Kim
PS3-109ABSTRACT-c63fHCPB TBS Tritium transport model at system level with EcosimPro®Almudena Rueda
PS3-110ABSTRACT-6bffDesign of modular Hydrogen trap for the lithium purification system of IFMIF-DONESJuan Diego Iberico
PS3-111ABSTRACT-75d4Sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of SAD and SED in the FNG HCPB Tritium Breeder Module benchmarkBin Zhang
PS3-112ABSTRACT-7af8The Water cooled lithium lead thermal-HYDRAulic experimental platformAlessandro Del Nevo
PS3-113ABSTRACT-7dda'Effects of multi-toroidal neon injections on the asymmetry of heat flux distribution with EMC3-EIRENE modellingShuyu Dai
PS3-114ABSTRACT-858eNumerical and analytic solutions for liquid metal flows under non-uniform magnetic field gradients in a circular pipeAntulio Tarazona
PS3-115ABSTRACT-88d1Visible cameras as a tool to study electron-beam shapeMargherita Ugoletti
PS3-116ABSTRACT-1dddPreparing for CHIMERA commissioning by virtual testing via systems simulationsMichelle Tindall
PS3-117ABSTRACT-8b32Verification and validation procedure for the tritium processing modelling libraries of EcosimProCarlos Moreno

PS3 - TOPIC I. Repair and Maintenance

PS3-120ABSTRACT-4984A Conceptual Design of Automatic In-vessel Inspection SystemsDohee Lee
PS3-121ABSTRACT-4b00Assessment of different lifting devices for the shipping bays for DONES main buildingYan Wang
PS3-122ABSTRACT-4dceManufacturing and Repair of ITER Blanket Panels: Exploring Joining Techniques for Beryllium Tiles and CuCrZr/Cu JointsBernaitz Arregi
PS3-123ABSTRACT-8d81Design and development of a flexible manipulator as test rig platform for robot flexible behaviors in remote handling operationsStanislao Grazioso
PS3-126ABSTRACT-8017Assessment of architectural changes that benefit remote maintenance structural feasibility for Large Port-Based Tokamaks focusing on the study of the aspect ratio and the inboard blanket segmentation.László Poszovecz
PS3-127ABSTRACT-86ceRAMI analysis of ITER diagnostic Radial Neutron CameraDanilo Nicola Dongiovanni

PS3 - TOPIC J. Burning Plasma Control and Operation

PS3-128ABSTRACT-796aDevelopment of a real time spectroscopic neutron camera for feedback plasma control of a DT burning plasmaAgostino Celora
PS3-129ABSTRACT-79eeVisible imaging system with changeable field of view on the HL-2A tokamakLiang Liu
PS3-130ABSTRACT-8508Integrated Physics Analysis of the 100 MWe-class Compact Helical Fusion ReactorTakuya Goto
PS3-132ABSTRACT-c651Special Plasma Control technologies with novel Results on EXL-50Xianming Song

PS3 - TOPIC K. Inertial Confinement Fusion Studies and Technologies

PS3-133ABSTRACT-7b03Phase imaging of irradiated foils at the OMEGA EP facility using phase-stepping X-ray Talbot-Lau deflectometryGabriel Pérez-Callejo
PS3-135ABSTRACT-1e18Spectrally resolved emittance monitor for Laser-Plasma Ion AcceleratorsCarlos Salgado López
PS3-136ABSTRACT-9d47Commissioning experiment on proton acceleration and characterization with the petawatt-femtosecond class Laser VEGA-3 at CLPUM Dolores Rodríguez Frías
PS3-139ABSTRACT-e645Preliminary nuclear analysis of HYLIFE-3: a thick-liquid-wall chamber for inertial fusion energyFrancisco Ogando
PS3-140ABSTRACT-f734Characterization of hot spots generated in DT plasmas by fast quasi-monoenergetic ion beams: self-heating/igniton curves and burning gainsJuan Miguel Gil

PS3 - TOPIC L. Fission-Fusion Synergy and Cross Cutting Technologies

PS3-143ABSTRACT-4f73TRISO fuel processing using a spherical tokamak based fusion neutron sourceMartin Nieto-Perez
PS3-144ABSTRACT-6121IAEA activities on synergies in technology development between nuclear fission and fusion for energy productionVladimir Artisiuk
PS3-145ABSTRACT-cc65Fusion for high-value heat productionSamuel Ward
PS3-146ABSTRACT-bddbApplicability of neutron measurement techniques in fission reactors to breeding blankets of DEMOPhilippe Filliatre

PS4 - TOPIC A. Plasma-Facing High Heat Flux Components

PS4-1ABSTRACT-a573Thermal and structural analysis of JT-60SA Actively Cooled Divertor target submitted to high heat fluxSilvia Garitta
PS4-2ABSTRACT-a6b8Pre-conceptual design of the steering mirror for the DEMO Electron Cyclotron Heating systemAvelino Mas Sánchez
PS4-3ABSTRACT-a9b2Brazing alloys characterization for EU-DEMO Divertor TargetEmanuela Martelli
PS4-4ABSTRACT-ae29STEP Limiters – Manufacturing Trials of PFCs with Low Thermal Conductivity FeaturesJames Roberts
PS4-5ABSTRACT-11f1Selection of EU-DEMO divertor operating condition: design space and power exhaust capabilitiesDomenico Marzullo
PS4-7ABSTRACT-c6daDesign, manufacturing and commissioning of endoscopes for monitoring water-cooled divertor in W7-XJoris Fellinger
PS4-8ABSTRACT-cd7cReflection Discrimination of Tungsten PFC with Full Ray InformationSeungtae Oh
PS4-9ABSTRACT-cfa4Electromagnetic analysis in support to the EU-DEMO Upper Limiter designIvan Alessio Maione
PS4-10ABSTRACT-9285Investigation of plasma plumes created during the exposition of a liquid tin filled-tungsten Capillary Porous System target at the OLMAT High Heat Flux facilityAlfonso De Castro Calles
PS4-11ABSTRACT-e717Thermal and structural analysis of the European Water-Cooled Lithium Lead breeding blanket concept in the L-H mode transitionGaetano Bongiovi
PS4-12ABSTRACT-ea5cCalibration and uncertainty quantification of a multi-physics model for in-vessel components design in a fusion power plantSebastian Rosini
PS4-13ABSTRACT-ebecConcept Design of the STEP Outboard BuildEthan Flynn
PS4-14ABSTRACT-ec33Design and Modeling of a Dissipative Divertor that Isolates the Target from the X-point in DIII-DJonathan Yu
PS4-17ABSTRACT-1c5cPre-conceptual design of the fixed mirrors for the DEMO Electron Cyclotron Heating antennaCinta Lucía Marraco Borderas

PS4 - TOPIC B. Blanket Technology

PS4-19ABSTRACT-c2b7Blanket test facility for mockup testing on water cooled ceramic breeder blanket systemTakuya Katagiri
PS4-20ABSTRACT-c304Development and characterization of electrochemical hydrogen sensors using different fabrication techniquesSergi Colominas
PS4-21ABSTRACT-0331Low pressure hydrogen isotope transport parameters in materials for tritium recycling systems.Marta Malo
PS4-22ABSTRACT-c653Recent Progress of Fusion Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Materials at INEST, CASJie Yu
PS4-24ABSTRACT-d089The high chemical compatibility with static PbLi of oxide ceramic candidates for the advance DCLLJulián Patiño
PS4-25ABSTRACT-d0e7Procurement Status of ITER Blanket Shield Block in ChinaKun Wang
PS4-27ABSTRACT-d5c9Introduction on Tritium Transport Analysis model for HCCP Breeding Blanket SystemYonghee Lee
PS4-29ABSTRACT-e269Validation of V, Si and Ni cross sections from trial versions of JEFF-4 ND library on fusion-relevant shielding benchmarksJan Malec
PS4-30ABSTRACT-e622Solubility of helium in liquid Pb-16LiMichal Kordac
PS4-32ABSTRACT-e9c6Deuterium detection using electrochemical sensorsJordi Abella
PS4-33ABSTRACT-ea55Study on Hot Isostatic Pressing conditions of ARAA for fabrication of the Korean breeding blanket first wallHyoseong Gwon
PS4-34ABSTRACT-f2dcImpact of Nuclear Heating Distribution on the structural behavior of ITER FW Panel 11Eduardo Masia
PS4-35ABSTRACT-f7a5Electrical properties of ceramic coatings after heavy-ion irradiation and lithium implantationTakumi Chikada
PS4-37ABSTRACT-f8d8A second-order partial diffusion equation model to compute the diffusion of hydrogen deuterium and tritium assisted by stress and strain fieldsJesús Toribio
PS4-38ABSTRACT-fa16Electrical conductivity of candidate ceramic materials for flow channel insertsJaroslav Kekrt
PS4-40ABSTRACT-fe7cSimulation study of tritium diffusion in the liquid lithium lead eutectic alloy.Luis E. Gonzalez

PS4 - TOPIC C. Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing

PS4-41ABSTRACT-b997Design and development of a hydrogen pellet centrifuge accelerator for the JT-60SAGuillem Olivella
PS4-42ABSTRACT-be4eContinuous tritium extraction from falling LiPb droplets in a vacuumFumito Okino
PS4-43ABSTRACT-c5b8Tritium Compatible Vacuum Pump Train for Plasma ExhaustYoshinao Matsunaga
PS4-44ABSTRACT-ce22Ammonia Palladium Membrane Reactor DevelopmentTyler Guin
PS4-46ABSTRACT-1c1eGas Raman: Detecting Gases within the Fuel CycleJessica Gabb
PS4-47ABSTRACT-dc6eAssessment of Metal Foil Pump Configurations for EU-DEMOXueli Luo
PS4-48ABSTRACT-df34Concept of the HCPB TER using non-evaporable getters for tritium recoveryGeorge Ana
PS4-49ABSTRACT-e9a9The interaction between some candidate blanket materials with tritium and associated detritiation technologies for a magnetic confined fusion reactorChangan Chen
PS4-51ABSTRACT-f9c7Organic vacuum pump fluids for the vacuum pumping of fusion power plantsGeorge Larsen
PS4-52ABSTRACT-faecDesign Study on Fuel Buffer System for Continuous Processing of the Tritium Plant Considering Burn and Dwell Operation ScenariosJae-Uk Lee
PS4-53ABSTRACT-fcceAlkali metal vapor diffusion pump for fusion reactor evacuationJuro Yagi

PS4 - TOPIC D. Material Engineering for FNT

PS4-56ABSTRACT-a347Research on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviors of Gradient Nano-Structured CLAM SteelShaojun Liu
PS4-57ABSTRACT-a3ceWeld Technologies for Group V materials (V, Nb)Igor Rueda
PS4-58ABSTRACT-aad9The effects of heat treatment process on mechanical properties of Bi-2212 Round WiresMengliang Zhou
PS4-59ABSTRACT-add9Effects of Size and Static Temperature Exposure on the Shear Strength of Tungsten Bonded CFC Blocks for Divertor in JT-60SAHirotatsu Kishimoto
PS4-60ABSTRACT-bca6Radiation safety study for the high-duty operation of the LIPAc RFQ in RokkashoKeitaro Kondo
PS4-61ABSTRACT-31a4Comparative study of preparation methods and properties of lead-lithium eutectic for fusion technologyAlberto J. Quejido-Cabezas
PS4-62ABSTRACT-c1b9The Impact of Nitrogen Pre-Implantation, the Crystal Orientation and the Recovery on the helium blisters growth mechanism in copperGabriel Zamir
PS4-63ABSTRACT-c2c9Influence of Thermal Aging on the Deuterium Retention and Permeation Behavior in the RAFM SteelWei Wang
PS4-64ABSTRACT-c4acDevelopment of Advanced Ternary Beryllium Intermetallic CompoundsTaehyun Hwang
PS4-65ABSTRACT-dbe7A Material Production and Qualification Plan for lead-lithium eutectic nuclear gradesJosé Luis Herranz
PS4-66ABSTRACT-ea83Excellent mechanical property of W-Y2O3 alloy processed by Kocks rollingFan Feng
PS4-67ABSTRACT-ec41Effect of Ion Implantation on microstructure and critical current for YBCO superconductorHaiying Fu
PS4-68ABSTRACT-f64dSputter yield of tungsten with strongly different microstructureTill Höschen
PS4-68bABSTRACT-fae3Calculation of production of Mo-99 in the IFMIF-DONES facilityMaría Isabel Ortíz

PS4 - TOPIC E. Vacuum Vessel and Ex-vessel Systems

PS4-69ABSTRACT-b0c8Final design of ex-vessel components for the Wide Angle Viewing System diagnostic for ITER Equatorial Port 12Carmen Pastor
PS4-70ABSTRACT-b659Cooling design and analysis of the EU DEMO EC Launcher port plug modulesPeter Spaeh
PS4-71ABSTRACT-c23ePlasma disruptions in the design of DTT and strategies for their mitigationGiuseppe Ramogida
PS4-72ABSTRACT-6f82Thermo-mechanical Analysis of the Components in the Launcher Transmission Line of ITER Ex-Port Plug Collective Thomson ScatteringEsther Rincón Rincón
PS4-73ABSTRACT-ee57Preparation for Korean procurement scope of ITER sealing flangesGeunhong Kim
PS4-74ABSTRACT-f325First Experiences of the new Cryo Vacuum Pumps at Wendelstein 7-X during Hydrogen OperationTorsten Braeuer
PS4-76ABSTRACT-af9aFinal design analysis of the Optical Hinge of the Wide Angle Viewing System for ITER Equatorial Port 12Santiago Cabrera

PS4 - TOPIC F. Nuclear System Design

PS4-78ABSTRACT-aec8Fatigue analysis based on LEFM for a HTS CS coil of the next generation fusion reactorJiandong Zhu
PS4-79ABSTRACT-b302IFMIF DONES lithium pump design studiesLeonids Buligins
PS4-80ABSTRACT-b80bTBM Piping Systems: Design according to RCC-MRx codeStephane Gazzotti
PS4-81ABSTRACT-bafaConceptual Design Study of a Large Bore Superconducting Test Facility Magnet, SUCCEXKeenam Kim
PS4-82ABSTRACT-c08fDevelopment of compact gyrotron for start-up scenario in KSTAR ECH systemSunggug Kim
PS4-85ABSTRACT-2616Neutronics assessment of the radar diagnostic for the IFMIF-DONES lithium targetFernando Mota
PS4-86ABSTRACT-d463Thermal and structural analysis of the DONES Target System under steady state and transient loading conditionsIlenia Catanzaro
PS4-87ABSTRACT-d66cNuclear and sensitivity analyses in Equatorial Port Plug, Port Interspace and Port Cell #12 in ITERDavide Flammini
PS4-88ABSTRACT-dc8dDeterministic neutronics for stellarator system designTimo Bogaarts
PS4-89ABSTRACT-eb05Manufacturing demonstration of a STEP inboard neutron shieldSunchi Chen
PS4-90ABSTRACT-6f53Overview of European Fusion Neutron Source activities within the IFMIF/EVEDA ProjectDavid Jimenez Rey
PS4-92ABSTRACT-f904An approach to improve the tension constancy of a TF coil shapeXiaogang Liu

PS4 - TOPIC G. Safety Issues and Waste Management

PS4-93ABSTRACT-cbf6Potential of radioactive isotopes production in DEMO for commercial usePereslavtsev Pavel
PS4-94ABSTRACT-ce81ACABLoop simulation tool: improving the activation prediction of flowing PbLi alloy in support of DEMO fusion reactor designMauricio Garcia
PS4-95ABSTRACT-d8dbThe LiFIRE experimental facility: final design, construction and experimental campaignGianluca D'Ovidio
PS4-96ABSTRACT-4b32Safety Issues of Lithium-Water Reaction for Fusion ReactorDanna Zhou
PS4-97ABSTRACT-dfaeSimulation of tritium trapping on impurities in berylliumPavel Vladimirov
PS4-99ABSTRACT-ef14Improving the efficiency of MELCOR modelling for accident analysis of a tokamakJ.J. Nebrensky
PS4-100ABSTRACT-f3e6Assessment of radiation dose rate in main building area of A-FNS facilitySaerom Kwon
PS4-101ABSTRACT-f63bInstantaneous Risk Monitoring Method for Fusion Reactors based on Level Three Probabilistic Safety AssessmentShanqi Chen
PS4-102ABSTRACT-fd13Assessment of air activation discharge from JET during DT operationsSteven Bradnam

PS4 - TOPIC H. Models and Experiments for FNT

PS4-103ABSTRACT-97b4Methods for characterization of voids and bubbles in tungsten using S/TEMWitold Chrominski
PS4-104ABSTRACT-9ca5Optimizing Plasma Parameters for High Negative Ion Density in a Two-Region Arc Plasma ion sourceKihyun Lee
PS4-106ABSTRACT-a564Current Status and Plan of Fusion Material and Blanket R&Ds using Various Ion and Neutron Irradiation Facilities at KAERIDong Won Lee
PS4-107ABSTRACT-8922IFMIF-DONES radiofrequency conditioningDavid Regidor
PS4-108ABSTRACT-c1c8Assessment of a millimeter-wave radar system for real-time diagnosis of the IFMIF-DONES lithium targetCristina De La Morena
PS4-109ABSTRACT-650cLITEC: an experimental facility for the validation of the IFMIF-DONES Impurity Control SystemBelit Garcinuño
PS4-110ABSTRACT-c921Neutronic analyses for EU DEMO upper limiterAljaz Cufar
PS4-111ABSTRACT-ca86Design and Testing of Windowless Gas Target for High Intensity Neutron SourcesTao Zhou
PS4-112ABSTRACT-cfd8Experiments for testing the H-trap and proposal of experiments in LITEC.María Sánchez Arenillas
PS4-113ABSTRACT-5e37Towards an improved version of Fluorescence Profile Monitor for IFMIF-DONESVíctor Villamayor
PS4-114ABSTRACT-d25bGas flow modelling of the IFMIF-DONES beamlineVolker Hauer
PS4-115ABSTRACT-d368Validation of Modular Cryogenics code (ModCryo) developed for lab-size test cryostatsErik Walcz
PS4-116ABSTRACT-f3c8Vacuum Thermal Contact Conductance determination between CucrZr and TZM electrodes coated by alumina and copperSantiago Dominguez Meister
PS4-119ABSTRACT-f682Electromagnetic computer codes validation for ITER related analyses.Pietro Testoni

PS4 - TOPIC I. Repair and Maintenance

PS4-120ABSTRACT-623bLogistics and maintenance applied to building plant system of IFMIF DONESEnrique Poveda Martinez
PS4-121ABSTRACT-9bbaThe Remote Handling maintenance in IFMIF-DONES Project: status of the activities and future development programGioacchino Miccichè
PS4-123ABSTRACT-c850Kinematics analysis of a novel hybrid manipulator for optomechanical modules assembly in SG-ⅢXiaoyong Wu
PS4-124ABSTRACT-ced0Data Driven Modeling of Heavy-duty Joint System for DEMO ManipulatorsMing Li
PS4-125ABSTRACT-3717Alignment strategy for IFMIF-DONES facilityFernando Arranz
PS4-126ABSTRACT-db02Development of Lower Manipulator System for Breeding Blanket Maintenance within Large Port-Based TokamaksMarcell Malics
PS4-128ABSTRACT-e992Assessment and recovery from the damage of SPIDER RF driver Faraday shield lateral wallAlessandro La Rosa

PS4 - TOPIC J. Burning Plasma Control and Operation

PS4-129ABSTRACT-c6b6Bismuth Hall sensors for magnetic measurements in the HL-2A/2M tokamakAo Wang
PS4-130ABSTRACT-dc58Design and operation results of KSTAR 105/140GHz ECH systemMi Joung
PS4-133ABSTRACT-f3f9Time series methods for the control of fusion plasma instabilities and disruption predictionTeddy Craciunescu

PS4 - TOPIC L. Fission-Fusion Synergy and Cross Cutting Technologies

PS4-134ABSTRACT-7d26Tokamaks as convenient neutron sources for nuclear materials testingMassimo Zucchetti
PS4-135ABSTRACT-b250Numerical Prediction of the Physical Properties of Beryllium and Long-Lived Fission Products Fluoride Mixtures for Transmutation Using Fusion Neutrons SourcesHiroki Shishido





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